The future IS gaming

The world of gaming has moved leaps and bounds in the last decade. Technical advancements in motion capture, 3D rendering and raw computing power has produced games that are not only more entertaining but also more immersive. But a stranger occurrence has materialized. Gaming has gone mainstream!

Latitude, a research consultancy, conducted a survey of smart-phone users who identified themselves as “casual gamers.” These individuals were aged between 15 – 54, and equally split between both genders. The report stated that ‘nearly three-quarters considered themselves technologically “ahead of the curve,” and 84% use social media at least several times per week. More than two-thirds expect to be gaming even more over the next few years.’

So if more people are playing games than ever why do negative stereotypes about “gamers” still proliferate? Why do people assume if you’re an adult who plays video games you must be a young unemployed male who lives in his parent’s basement? The fact is, if you play Bejeweled, Farmville, Wii Sports for an hour or more a day – then my friend, you are part of the gaming fraternity!

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