Singapore’s Health Promotion Board releases free health app

Singapore’s Health Promotion Board hopes that the release of a new mobile app will help transform the health habits of its citizens for the better.

Released in late October, the Interactive Diet and Activity Tracker or iDAT is a free mobile app that assists users in monitoring their diet and exercise activity. There are already a number of diet and exercise monitoring apps available in the mobile market, however iDAT is the first application in the world to be programmed with a scientifically based algorithm specially designed for Singaporeans. Its calorie recommendations take into consideration the body types of Asians, diet preferences (including bubble tea and char kway teow) and as well as the working lifestyle of Singaporeans.

Available for both OS and Android platforms, iDAT is also linked with a customised website, where organisations and community groups can create their own online campaigns or incentive-based programs and people can challenge each other. “Challenges” are a game mechanic that has been successfully utilised by services such as Nike+, encouraging users to track their progress against others and providing further motivation to reach their goals. It will be interesting to see how iDAT users interact with challenges and each other, and whether the mechanic is fully utilised to support community engagement.

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