GamificationSG’s First Meetup for 2012

GamificationSG will be hosting their first meetup of 2012 on Wednesday, February 8. Established in 2011 the aim of the community group is to explore the concept of gamification, share case studies and meet those who are interested or already working in the field. The group also places an emphasis on initiatives from Singapore and within the region.

The meetup is also an opportunity to put theory into practice with an informal breakout activity centered on “how we can apply game mechanics and elements to improve situations in every day life?”
The event is free to attend and open to anyone interested in gamification including but not limited to game designers, developers, UX designers, academics, educators… basically anyone interested in making the world a better place through games.
Date: Wednesday, February 8, 7pm to 9pm
Venue: Standing Sushi Bar, 8QSam, 8 Queen Street
You can register for the event here

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