Our Wings are Beating Fast (up to 80 times a second!)

Its been a busy couple of months for Hummingbird Interactive.

Like Us and magical pixies will shower you with good fortune* 

Our Facebook page launched in March and we have been hard at work to include region and industry-relevant content that may be of interest. Come visit and let us know what you think. Or better yet, let us know about any exciting news or rumours that you’ve heard.

(*Disclaimer: magical pixies will shower luck at their own discretion.)

What’chu talkin’ about, Natalie?

I had the pleasure of presenting a talk on gamification/motivational design at Microsoft’s Campfire event in April and infoCommUnity Convention in May. Got a spare 46 minutes? Then you can check out the video cast of my Microsoft talk below (it was a long talk!).

If you happen to be in Singapore during early July, you can also catch me at the  Serious Games Conference 2012.

Come say hi. I don’t bite. Unless you’re a sandwich.

Future Project

We Hummingbirds are also busy working on a concept for a new Australian-based client. It’s a tricky industry and we can’t say much at the moment… but we can’t wait to share more details as the project develops.

As the first half of the year draws to a close we are looking forward to the second half and hope you are too.


2 thoughts on “Our Wings are Beating Fast (up to 80 times a second!)

  1. Awesome presentation :) So you did play Skyrim! That was great, it must have taken some time to prepare!

  2. Yes indeed but I’m woefully still in the early stages, so much to explore in the world of Skyrim… Glad you enjoyed the presentation. It did take some time to prepare but great opportunity to share with others all the exciting developments happening in this space :)

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